Crafting Creative Solutions to Issues that Divide

Peace is not the absence of conflict?but the presence of creative means of responding to it…” -Dorothy Thompson.

People don’t expect conflict. Whether in marriage, as co-workers on a project, or worshipping, people generally believe they will be able to move forward with others in unity. Then, something happens and worlds collide. As debris rains from the sky, people lose their ability to creatively respond to the underlying issues. That’s where a mediator can help.

Mediators work with parties in a dispute by helping them first figure out what is going on, then facilitating their efforts to define priorities, discern options, and create solutions that serve the interests of all involved. Mediators do this by combining the information provided by the parties with in-depth knowledge of the legal and practical issues generally present in each category of dispute. Mediators help parties break the issues into manageable pieces while educating on the available remedies and their likely impact on the parties futures. Mediators then enable people to tap into their own abilities to craft solutions to the conflicts they face and move forward. In the process the parties learn how to adjust their relationship to healthily engage with each other whether they continue to be intimately involved or move onto separate spheres.

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