Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be a complicated, frustrating and tortuous process. Imagine getting two people who are often at odds with each other to agree to the terms of severing the ties of their marriage. At The Resolution Center, we are successful through mediation. Mediation is a facilitated, structured, interactive dialogue between disputing parties that uses the utilization of specialized negotiation and communication techniques to help resolve conflict. Each participant in mediation is encouraged to actively engage in the process. Mediation has been used for over four hundred years as a means to solve disagreements about matters of business and human rights. Mediation helps individuals and families overcome family disagreements, work related issues, and relationship conflicts.


Levels of Mediation

There are many different levels of mediation. An initial meeting between the disputing parties and a neutral third party may be conducted. After this initial meeting, a third party is selected to mediate between the two parties. This third party is often an individual who is not a member of either the disputing or winning parties. The third party attempts to resolve the conflicts between the parties without the involvement of either side. They do not make decisions and attempt to determine the outcome of a dispute based on evidence presented to them.

Solution-Focused Divorce Mediation

We offer a different path through divorce. A path focused on thoroughly resolving all the legal issues while redefining relationships in a way that brings health.While the loss experienced in divorce is always sad, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. It can be the beginning of a new life. A better life. We offer a path to new beginnings.

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Our Divorce Mediation Process

Supported by a team of experts who educate about options and guide the process. Clients retain control and shape parenting plans, property decisions, and other issues so that they can each move into independent lives while able to work together on the those areas that still connect them, and especially the children.

Solution-Focused Divorce refuses to focus on rights, on past wrongs, or on a settling of scores. Instead, the process focuses on:

  • The Future: Solution-Focused Divorce understands that divorce shatters dreams. That clients struggle with uncertainty and fear. At The Resolution Center we support clients as they move through these swings of emotion. We also maintain a focus on the future for each individual and for the family as a whole. We help clients vision a life that gets better then we engage in a process to make that vision a reality. For everyone.
  • The Children: If clients are also parents, their number one concern is the impact of the divorce on the children. And rightly so. Divorce often becomes a child’s greatest fear, abandonment by their parents.
    Children survive divorce if, and only if, parents find a way to respect, honor, and work with each other. When parents continue to fully engage as Mom and Dad children grieve the divorce, but they also survive and thrive beyond it. The Resolution Center educates and equips parents to craft a parenting plan that enables them to effectively co-parent even as they create separate lives.
  • Financial Security: Both households need financial security to move into a better future. Solution-Focused Divorce doesn’t focus on dividing property. Instead, at The Resolution Center, we focus on the utilizing the resources accumulated during the marriage to create the most financial stability for both houses.


Cost of Divorce Mediation

The average cost of a litigated divorce exceeds $30,000. No wonder divorcing couples use on-line resources to do it themselves. Yet, the cost of this option can be devastating. Many decisions made in divorce cannot be changed later even if parties didn’t understand what they were doing or if circumstances change dramatically.

The Resolution Center offers comprehensive services on a flat fee that is scaled to income and assets. Clients understand up-front the cost of the process. Free from worry about escalating fees, they engage in a process that protects their future and allows them to take control of their choices.

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