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Conciliation: A Completely New Approach

When conflict threatens security and futures, people want to know, Who can help? Where do I turn? Many professionals focus on settling the issues. Some tout low prices; others promise unique expertise. The Resolution Center offers all this and something more. We know you want the issues settled, we can do that. Our process helps renegotiate the relationships to build a future.

Process Matters. At The Resolution Center we developed a “Solution-Focused Conciliation” process that uses Mediation/Arbitration to resolve disputes outside the adversarial process of the legal system.

Solution-Focused Conciliation is authorized by the Indiana version of the Uniform Arbitration Act, IC 34-57-2 et seq. This permits the parties to move their case out of an impersonal court process, bound and restricted by procedures, into an arena where parties decide the issues for themselves. Parties agree to live by a private set of rules promulgated under the authority of the Statute. They proceed first using mediation (i.e. divorce mediation) to decide their issues. For example, in a divorce, should the parties hit an impasse, an arbitrator will decide the remaining
issues, with the parties’ relationship and priorities guiding the arbitrator to a workable final decision. The parties’ resolution is documented in a final arbitration decision which is filed with and fully enforceable by the court. Should future conflicts develop, they can be resolved using the same process. Why do we do it this way?

People Matter. We believe the process of resolving conflict must focus on the people involved. It seems obvious. Yet, in many resolution settings – litigation in the courts, traditional mediation, etc. – the reality of people’s lives gets lost. The focus becomes the resolution of the legal issues — not the people issues. In the midst of the focus on rights, procedures and decisions — the truth is the courts can never put the people first. We do.

Results Matter. We work with parties to craft solutions that create long-term stability and success. We look forward with the parties to discern what they will need in the future and then help them develop a strategy for getting there.

Philosophy Matters. We believe people are the experts on their lives — not the courts, not attorneys, not even us. The parties know which options will work with their personalities, experience, and circumstances.

Conciliation Is a Team Effort

Parties considering The Resolution Center often like the sound of the services, but remain hesitant. Without going to court, what will we do? Who will guide me? How will I know this is working? These questions pose important concerns and deserve full consideration.

While dreading court, many people see court as the only option for gaining protection, security, and the outcome they desire. Yet, those who resort to a litigated proceeding often emerge disillusioned, saddled with an unworkable court judgment, and broke.

Solution-Focused Conciliation developed by The Resolution Center offers both legal protection and a proven process where both parties emerge with an agreement that embodies priorities, fits the lifestyle of everyone involved, and meets financial expectations.

What we do:

Whether your dispute involves family, business, or community relationships we have the team that can move you beyond the conflict to a new way of relating, a way focused on the future.

For example, in our Solution-Focused Divorce™ process:

  • Our Mediators help parties define the issues and the deep-felt needs underlying each party’s position. The Mediator then guides the parties to define options for addressing each issue in a way both can live with. Then, a legally binding agreement which expresses the decisions of the parties is filed with the court. Offering far more flexibility than a court is able, Solution-Focused Conciliation allows the parties to control the decisions with which they must live.
  • Our Divorce Coaches work with parties to identify communication habits that inflame the situation rather than support working through it. They then help parties identify their own triggers and develop strategies for getting past these to a healthier means of communication. This allows full participation in the conciliation sessions and sets a pattern to work with others in future conflict-ridden situations.
  • Our Child and Family Advocate meets with parents and other involved extended family to discuss the physical, mental, and psychological development of their children and their likely
    reactions to a separation, divorce, or other family crisis. The Advocate supports and promotes the best interrelated interests of the child, the parents, and the family as a whole and ensures these elements are part of any agreement.
  • Our Divorce Financial Planner works with families to assess their income, assets, and obligations to help devise strategies for using all to provide financial security to everyone affected.

What You Do:

You are the expert on your life. You know which options will work and which, no matter how sensible they sound, simply will not given your schedules, your priorities, your personalities. Parties in Solution-Focused Conciliation take the driver’s seat in the process and work to craft agreements that will meet all parties’ needs for the long haul. No agreement is final until both parties decide it is final. To accomplish this, you will:

  • You define the issues. Though the Conciliator will discern a range of issues generally contained in a divorce, a business dispute, or a community controversy your participation focuses everyone
    on the key points that must be considered to create an effective resolution. By joining the process you will be able to define the ingredients to any agreement.
  • Provide needed information. Parties will be expected to supply the documentation needed to verify financial, family, governing policies or other information critical to the decision-making process. On-line forms capture most of the needed data making it easily accessible to all involved.
  • Make cooperative, mutually beneficial decisions. The priorities of the parties drive any proposed solution. Likewise, you are asked to give consideration to the priorities of all involved as well as the overall process. Parties are given the opportunity to craft agreements that work long-term, for
    everyone. Rather than torpedoing the sessions with desires for revenge or superiority, parties are invited to take advantage of the chance to honestly express their concerns, doubts, and desires in a manner designed to get at all the aspects of the dispute and address each.

What We Can Do Together:

Solution-Focused Conciliation combines your expertise on your life, your priorities, and your future goals with our expertise in process to create legally binding agreements that move parties past conflict to a successful future. More, you will have the opportunity to renegotiate an
unworkable relationship into one that meets the needs of each, rather than allowing it simply to spiral into chaos. You will emerge legally protected, focused on the future, and financially whole.


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