Conflict Resolution Indianapolis

The Resolution Center offers a variety of conciliation services designed to help individuals work through disputes to thoroughly resolve the legal issues and reframe and preserve relationships so they can move forward. While we often combine services to holistically address the conflict, many can also stand alone. Please click below for further details.


Divorce Mediation

Solution-Focused Divorce helps clients filter and organize information to provide options and to assist decision-making.

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Divorce Coaching

The Divorce Coach helps clients address the emotional, relational, and pragmatic impacts of divorce and, also to create a vision and plan for moving into a more hopeful future.

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Divorce Financial Planning

They work with the conciliators and both parties to find a way to ensure each has an adequate standard of living post-divorce.

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Child & Family Advocacy

The Advocate brings new and strengthened abilities to each member of the family assuring the continuity of child parent relationships in the context of parental respect.

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Marital Mediation

A trained mediator helps the parties each define and express their expectations underlying the conflicts and works with the couple to develop new patterns of relating and a plan for their future together.

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Our Arbitrators act much like a private judge. They are able to sit down and listen to all of the facts and circumstances of a dispute and make agreements and priorities of the parties. 

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Conflict Coaching

A conflict coach works one-on-one with persons struggling to translate their justified anger into healthier, more effective means of resolving the issues.

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Mediators help parties break the issues into manageable pieces while educating on the available remedies and their likely impact on the parties futures.

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