Conciliation Services

Conflict Resolution Indianapolis

The Resolution Center offers a variety of conciliation services designed to help individuals work through disputes to thoroughly resolve the legal issues and re-frame and preserve relationships so they can move forward. While we often combine services to holistically address the conflict, many can also stand alone. Please click below for further details.


Solution Focused Divorce™

Separating or divorcing can be a complicated, fearful, frustrating and tortuous process. Imagine the difficulty of getting two people who are often at odds with each other personally to agree to the terms of severing the ties of their marriage while simultaneously providing future stability, safety and even prosperity in their on-going parental relationship.

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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation helps clients recognize issues, explore options, and understand likely outcomes before they are committed to a solution. There is no pressure, no rigid rules or pre-determined mandatory outcomes. The decision-making belongs to the parties.

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Child & Family Advocacy

The Advocate works to learn about the parent’s relationship to each child, about the child’s development, strengths, and experiences and about how they are understanding their own world. She then brings all of that knowledge back into the mediation to be used to define the details of a parenting plan that respects the family history and shared goals, recognizing the parents as the true experts on their children.

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Divorce Coaching

The Divorce Coach helps a client strategically navigate the divorce process while also creating a vision and plan for moving into a more hopeful future based on the reality of their circumstances.

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Divorce Financial Planning

Financial Planners work assists the conciliators and both parties to find a way to ensure each has a realistic plan for an adequate standard of living post-divorce and a financial plan to preserve and increase the wealth of both newly reconstituted families.

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Marital Mediation

Couples who do not want to separate or divorce, work with a mediator to define and express the expectations underlying their existing and historical conflicts. Couples develop new patterns of relating and a plan for their future together based on the reality of their personal and financial

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Mediators are facilitators not decision makers. They have no independent authority. Instead they help parties break the issues into manageable pieces while educating them on the available remedies and their likely impact on their future. It is up to the parties to make the final decisions.

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Arbitrators act much like a private judge. Their role is to make a decision when the parties cannot come to their own agreement. Because they are not bound by the same rigid rules of the Court as judges, they can base their decisions on the prior agreements, priorities and need of the parties

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Conflict Coaching

The Resolution Center offers conflict coaching as part of its services to enable parties in family conflicts, business, faith or other conflicts where the relationships are on going to learn how to manage and resolve conflict in their own context.

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