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Resolving conflict when the relationship matters — that’s what we do.

We bring together conciliation professionals in arbitration, mediation, conflict coaching, child and family advocacy, and financial planning to offer a holistic approach to resolving disputes so the issues are settled while the relationships move forward.

Our Services

Solution Focused Divorce™

At The Resolution Center, we create a defined path to achieve a positive outcome. That path uses a mediation/arbitration process to resolve and decide all of the legal issues involved in a separation or divorce process.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation helps clients recognize issues, explore options, and understand likely outcomes before they are committed to a solution. There is no pressure, no rigid rules or pre-determined mandatory outcomes. The decision-making belongs to the parties.

Child & Family Advocacy

The Advocate brings new and strengthened abilities to each member of the family assuring the continuity of child parent relationships in the context of parental respect.

Divorce Coaching

The Divorce Coach helps clients address the emotional, relational, and pragmatic impacts of divorce and, also to create a vision and plan for moving into a more hopeful future.

Divorce Financial Planning

Financial Planners work assists the conciliators and both parties to find a way to ensure each has a realistic plan for an adequate standard of living post-divorce and a financial plan to preserve and increase the wealth of both newly reconstituted families.

Marital Mediation

A trained mediator helps the parties each define and express their expectations underlying the conflicts and works with the couple to craft a way of moving forward.

Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown, JD, M.A. CEO - The Resolution Center

Pat knows about settling conflict. He has served as an Attorney-Mediator in private practice in Zionsville for over 20 years, combining his training in Pastoral Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy with his training as an attorney to conduct thousands of mediations.

Tess Conflict mediator for divorce

Tess Worrell

Mediator and Divorce/Conflict Coach

Mother of eight, Tess knows conflict. “When my children argue, we resolve the issue, but my focus is on helping them protect their relationship. I do the same for my clients.” An attorney with a counseling background, Tess works as a Mediator and Blog/Newsletter Author helping clients resolve disputes, redefine relationships, and move forward.

Patricia Brown Family Advocacy

Patricia Martin-Brown

Patricia Martin-Brown, M.S., NCSP, IMH-E®(IV)

Patricia is a parent, a stepparent and now a grandparent. She also has years of experience with children and families as a school psychologist in private practice, as a behavioral therapist, and as a developmental specialist.

Customer Reviews

The Resolution Center works with you to create a vision for your future and what you want it to look like. They emphasize a co-parenting environment that will help you reach that vision. You will be encouraged to work together with your ex to find the best path forward. I can't thank them enough for their help through a tough time.


The Resolution Center worked with Laura and I to create a vision/plan for our future and our children's future. There was an emphasize on co-parenting which made both of us feel better about an unfortunate situation. I think that is the key take for me was that this was not lawyers fighting it out for Laura and me, it was her and I sitting together and figuring out ways to make it all work. Amicable, for our sanity and for the kids sake. Thank you and thank you Tess.


I’ve never received a higher level of treatment. True professional service with a high level of knowledge. I’m forever thankful.


The Resolution Center did an exceptional job at creating an amicable divorce for one of my clients that I referred to them. The working amicable relationship they were able to facilitate for the divorcing couple benefited them financially but most importantly their child. I would not hesitate to refer other couple to the Resolution Center.


My experience with The Resolution Center was very positive. I feel I saved a significant amount of time, money, and stress by choosing The Resolution Center over the typical divorce court system. More importantly, I know that choosing the Resolution Center was the right choice for the well-being of my daughter.
Pat, Tess, and Patricia all played significant roles which compliment the well-rounded approach outlined in this model. I would recommend The Resolution Center to any couple seeking help with the dissolution of their marriage.


Working with the resolution Center during my divorce was the smartest choice we made. Tess was able to create an atmosphere of resolve and solution for my ex and myself. We were able to peacefully end our marriage and come to amicable support and shared custody of the children. Setting a healthy tone from the beginning has allowed my ex and I to work together to create a healthy environment for our children. I am so relieved and pleased to be able to look back at one of the hardest moments of my life and realize what a good choice it was to do mediation. We saved thousands of dollars and saved so much heartache. The Resolution Center provides a service that can allow couples to move on with their lives without destroying a family. For that I am very grateful. Thank you.

V Smith