Marital Mediation

Moving through Conflict toward a More Intimate Relationship

Marriage means expectations, and expectations mean conflict.” Paxton Blair.

We’re drawn to people by the connections. When our expectations meet, blend, and build we choose to go deeper. We tend to marry the person who connects most deeply, whose expectations meet ours and become the way we know and are known.

Then, the daily-ness of life together hits, and the expectations collide. What do we do when our “happily ever after” becomes a series of disconnects? When the one who was supposed to know us best can’t understand us at all?

In marital mediation, a trained mediator helps the parties each define and express their expectations. They discern the roots of the conflicts. Finally they work with the couple to craft a way of going forward. Spouses learn how to examine their assumptions and desires and work together to create mutual expectations for the future. Most of all, spouses learn to communicate for connection and intimacy. They craft a relationship where they are authentically known and focused on building life together.

If you’re expectations are colliding it doesn’t mean the end of your marriage. We can help you learn how to get past, and even use, those collisions to build a stronger future. Click on the contact button to answer a few questions to get started.

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