What does Easter mean for divorced people?

Easter–a celebration of hope. Of victory. Of new life. Christians gather on this day to celebrate all that Jesus has done. Those facing divorce or living as a divorced person experience a uniquely personal understanding of the life-changing miracle of God’s love made evident at Easter.

The wounds of divorce go deep.

God designed marriage to meet two core needs. First–the core need of people to connect to each other. Though we require a variety of relationships to nurture us, marriage creates the most fundamental connection of all. In marriage, spouses are supposed to find complete acceptance. Complete devotion. Complete security and love. Marriage offers the lone situation where we can be naked and unashamed.

Secondly, marriage meets our core need to connect to God. God designed marriage to offer an image of His love to the world. As husbands and wives relate imperfectly but rightly to one another, they give witness to God’s perfect acceptance and love.

When marriage works, marriage meets these core needs.

But, sin fundamentally corrupted the design.

Because of sin, no marriage now functions as God intended. Sin-altered people betray one another. Wound one another. Abandon one another.

By God’s grace, many marriages struggle on and offer a pale imitation of God’s original design. God still pours His love into relationships–allowing many married couples to experience a taste of all God originally intended. To still give an impaired image of His perfect love.

Other couples do not. The wounds go too deeply for God’s original purposes to succeed. The betrayals . .the wounds. . .the abandonments destroy the foundation of trust. Spouses find it impossible to enter the sanctuary of marriage–instead choosing to hide from each other.

Divorce follows. And deep hurt.

The good news–Jesus conquered sin through His death and resurrection. He understands the power of sin to deeply wound. His love for each of us heals those wounds and brings new life. His sacrifice saves us from the sin that destroys our connections to God and our connections to each other.

Often divorced Christians feel “second-class.” As if they were washed pink instead of white. After all, gossips can stop gossiping. Murderers can stop murdering. Liars can stop lying. But, you can’t stop being divorced.

Jesus says, “No.” He came to defeat all sin. His love and grace bring healing and hope to everyone sin has touched.

Easter brings forgiveness, healing, and hope. If divorce has wounded you, may you find God’s grace on this day. May you receive His love and healing and find hope.


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