The Power of Mediation

True power is not the will to control others. True power is the strength to help others become what they can be.  strongAndrew Sung Park

At The Resolution Center our mediation process focuses on giving people true power.

Power to:

  • Be all they can be. When people use litigation or mediation to control others, they spiral into more heated battles and ever-increasing losses. They become driven by anger and fear.

Our process focuses on giving people the strength to look forward. The strength to define the life they want. The strength to make choices to get that life.

  • Be the parent they need to be. Before mediation discussions turn to specific issues, we begin each case with the same step. We invite parents into a process to define:
    •  the kind of people they hope their child will become
    • the kind of relationships they hope their child will seek and create
    • the kind of relationship each parent hopes to build with their child.

As parents envision their children’s future, they realize an important truth. They must model the character and behavior they hope for in their children. We help parents find the strength to live the choices they want to see in their children.

  • Be the family they desire. Nobody sets out to create an unhealthy family. Unhealthy families grow out of bad habits. True power lies in helping others move to better habits. Habits that reflect valuing people. Communicating clearly. Setting good boundaries.

Making different choices takes strength. We help clients find the strength to acknowledge others priorities and create the best future for all.

That’s our defining difference helping people find their true power.

Take Action. Begin Today.

Though we come from a variety of experiences and backgrounds, the team at The Resolution Center shares one common goal: to bring healing and hope to those going through turmoil. ‘We know conflict wreaks havoc and wrecks dreams. Each of us brings specialized skills and a proven process to move people through the conflict to a place of stability, peace, and the possibility for their future.

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