Resources to Help Divorced Couples Co-Parent Successfully–No Matter How Conflicted

The other day I had to mail a variety of documents to clients–asap. One key piece of information came from divorced parentssomeone else in an Adobe format. I needed to change critical wording, but couldn’t. No matter what I tried.

I couldn’t send the document the way it was, and I couldn’t get it to where I needed. Pressed for time and fed up, I was ready to throw the computer through the window. Then, my daughter came in, saw my dilemma, and started poking around. Three minutes later, the document was ready to go.

When parents go through divorce, they want to do the right thing for their children. They work hard to make a positive difference. Then, it blows up in their face. It can be tempting to give up. But, just as getting my daughter’s expertise made all the difference in serving my clients, the right resources can make all the difference in helping divorcing couples parent well. Here are some key supports to make co-parenting easier.

This website, created by a family mediator and a family therapist, gives parents clear insights on how to parent well even after divorce. Drawing on the expertise of judges, therapists, and divorced couples in the trenches, the site offers benefits for both parents and children.

  • For parents, “The overwhelming determiner for how well parents do with separation and divorce is how well their children do.” says Charlie Asher, attorney/mediator and Co-Founder of He notes that when parents see their children coping well, the parents cope better, too.
  • For children After a divorce there is an ex-husband and an ex-wife. But, there is no ex-father or ex-mother. Parents continue to relate to each other for the children. The question: will it be nurturing or harmful? Children thrive–even after divorce–if parents find a way to put children’s needs first.

“Inside every parent is a hero trying to get out,” notes Asher. Usually it’s misinformation that gets in the way. UptoParents provides the information parents need to let the hero out.

For example, many parents believe that fighting for time with their children proves their love for their children. Children see it differently. They aren’t looking for a parent to win the fight. They are looking for a parent to stop the fight. To create peace. That parent is the hero.

For parents who want to become their children’s hero, UptoParents offers:

  • Interactive worksheets to help parents focus on their own and the other parent’s strengths
  • Videos to convey key parenting tools
  • Insights from children on what they need most

Best of all–the site is FREE. Whether parents are struggling in marriage but still together, parents are divorcing, or parents were never married–the focus of UptoParents is to to equip parents to put their children’s needs first and create health and healing for everyone.

Organizational websites

Keeping track of school schedules, vaccination records, and payments for braces–these challenge all busy families. When couples are divorced, especially if communication is a challenge, it’s even harder. Two websites can help:


These sites offer a central location for all the information parents need to track.

  • Calendars for noting upcoming events,
  • An area to record medical information,
  • A photo gallery to share images of children,
  • Budget sheets to track expenses,

and much more. These sites help parents who struggle with talking to each other or just struggle with staying organized. At a minimal fee per month, they get you on the same page.

Parents want to do their best for their children, yet parenting is hard. Parenting after divorce is even harder. When things don’t go well, some parents don’t know where to turn or what to do. These resources give parents the tools they need to work together and parent successfully. They help parents become the heroes their children need.

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