REJOICE – Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Stress-free Christmas

Rank priorities for the holidays and create a plan and schedule that focuses on them.

Exclude anything that doesn’t fit your family’s vision. Instead of trying to do it all or meet everyone’s expectations, focus instead on embracing the select moments that mean the most.

Join with extended family, friends, and co-workers as you can, but let them know early if you can’t meet some expectations. Being proactive and honest curbs disappointment and hurt from missed expectations or misunderstanding.

Optimize the simple. A simple meal that everyone prepares and eats together or simple gifts that touch the core identity of the recipient but don’t break the bank replace stress with joy.

Include those less fortunate. Nothing creates joy like sharing, especially with those who need it most.

Celebrate the meaning of the season, not just the fanfare. Hanukah celebrates provision of God. If you celebrate Hanukah, take the season to be grateful for provision received. Christmas celebrates the birth of the One who came to bring rest to the weary, healing to the brokenhearted, and life. If you celebrate Christmas, receive Christ’s love for you and share it with others.

Engage in rest. Even with intentional focus, calendars often remain full. Set aside nights for downtime. The rejuvenation will enable your family to truly engage and celebrate the moments that matter.

By Tess Worrell

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