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Setting Healthy Boundaries

Marriages come apart because one or both spouses decide they want something better. To make the divorce work better than the marriage, especially if parties

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Saving Children in Divorce

When couples decide to divorce, they must then find a process that protects children and preserves parenting relationships.  I finally realized that you being in

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Flowers, Chocolates, and Promises Kept

Marital mediation–turning hurting marriages to healthy. “Flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep.” For struggling couples, Cogworth’s words from Beauty and the Beast ring

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The Power of Mediation

True power is not the will to control others. True power is the strength to help others become what they can be.  Andrew Sung Park

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Addressing anger issues doesn’t just make marriage better. Resolving anger makes marriage possible. Take out adultery, spousal abuse, and addiction–the obvious wrecking balls for marriage.

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