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We hope that you will carefully consider all of the aspects of your experience or knowledge of The Resolution Center and reflect those that are the most important to you in a short review.

Please do not make this into a chore. We hope instead that you will treat it as a way to express the truth of your experience with us – both good and bad. All of your feedback is important to us to help us to grow and prosper as an organization dedicated to helping others, as well as to potentially correct any mistakes we might make along the way.

Please do not name any individual staff member in your reviews. We are trying to promote The Resolution Center, and not the individuals.

The best and most helpful reviews simply tell your story. Please just talk about any specific issues that were important to you or that you think might be important to any other prospective clients who read the review. In considering what to write, we are pleased to provide you with the following short questions to help
guide you.

  • What was the problem you had before you came to us?
  • Why did you chose TRC over the other options available to you?
  • What did we do for you?
  • As a result of the work we did, what was the outcome?
  • How has this outcome changed your life, or the life of your children?

Do not feel as though you have to answer every question. Just write whatever
jumps out at you. Truth and passion are more important that any full explanation.

Thank you for your thoughts. Your insights will help others make the decision to resolve their differences in ways that foster future cooperation and peace.