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Loving–From Two Houses

Parents can assure their children of your love. . .even when they don’t live together. By: Tess Worrell February can be a tough month. The

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How to Handle a Tardy Ex

“He did it AGAIN!” groaned Miranda as she threw her phone. Fortunately, the phone bounced. Miranda’s mood didn’t recover quite so well. For weeks, she

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever

By: Patricia Martin-Brown Children remember best, not the gifts they unwrap, but the gifts of people and events stored in their hearts. Events remembered most

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Christmas–From Two Houses

By: Tess Worrell Whether it’s the first post-divorce Christmas or another year of juggling holiday time–re-framing family expectations and experiences can challenge the spirit of

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Growing Greener Grass

By: Tess Worrell I know it’s a cliche–one most deny. But, looking out our window, I saw it. Our neighbor’s grass really is greener. No

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