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How Divorce Shapes Children

Divorce changes children. No question. The debate–how are children are affected? And, can parents can make a difference? It turns out–yes. Parents can. No matter

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Christmas Joy–Even in Divorce

Christmas and divorce–they don’t mix well. But, there’s hope. Divorce doesn’t mean the end of celebration. Instead, those going through divorce find joy in creating

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Sharing Children

By: Tess Worrell Divorcing parents face many issues–most importantly how to craft time with their kids. How does that work? “I want to tuck my

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Three Reasons to NEVER Publicly Vent against Your Ex

Public venting against an ex-spouse harms three times over. It harms the ex (often the point, but there’s still a cost).
anger It harms children. It harms you. Facebook, Twitter, friends–all offer ample opportunity to tell the world the worst in our ex. Don’t. Here’s why:

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