Patricia Martin-Brown, M.S., NCSP, IMH-E?(IV)


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? I love children and the complex developmental processes evident in childhood and families. When the fabric of a family is threatened by marital stresses, separation, or divorce my heart breaks for the children. I feel the loss of a family.? says Patricia Martin-Brown, Child and Family Advocate for the Resolution Center. ?Children are dependent upon the safety, security, and care provided within the family. They need stable parents to help them adapt to a major life changes. I love to help this process along.? Patricia?s work at The Resolution Center draws on her many years of experience to bring about a new vision for families where all are able to experience harmony and richness in relationships.

She knows children, understands how personality, developmental stage and environment all come together to shape a child. Most importantly she believes strongly that childhood is precious and must be supported and protected in order for a child to become the person they were meant to be. She notes that even good caring parents may fail to see the impact on a child of marital stress, separation and divorce. is used in her work at The Resolution Center to woo parents into the mind of their child.? Once there, parents are apt to better manage their own emotions and to make good choices that support their children. With the support of loving adults children can again feel safe, secure and cared for and adapt well to a new family dynamic.

Patricia is a parent, a stepparent and now a grandparent. She also has years of experience with children and families as a school psychologist in private practice, as a behavioral therapist, and as a developmental specialist. As one of only a handful of Infant Mental Health Mentors in Indiana, she is an active member of the Indiana Infant Toddler Mental Health Task Force. She also provides developmental psychology services to families through the First Steps program and supports families of school age children through her own private practice, Kids Source, Inc. She is accomplished in guiding and growing families through difficult life experiences and through the shifting dynamics of family relationships always with an eye to the future of the child as well as the future of the family.

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